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Our Digital Marketing Solutions.
To effectively promote your Brand on the internet, we will spend a decent amount of time understanding your business and your market, and then create the most apt strategy to turn your business goals into reality. Whether you want to target an international audience or a local market, we will match the strategy accordingly..
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is the cheapest and coolest way of marketing. As over 2billion people worldwide pore over millions of posts shared, liked and commented on each day, there can be no better stage to feature your brand. Social media marketing includes engaging with a wide, global market through the creation of interactive, interesting and value-add blogs, videos and image posts. We help you decide which type of social media content would best suit your brand and create captivating content that has the potential to reach thousands of people at once.
Search Engine Optimization
Far from being out of context, SEO is emerging as a crucial factor in sailing your brand high over the choppy waters of digital marketing. Researches have proved that over 90% of users click only on the links appearing on the first page of Google after a keyword search, and you won’t want your brand to appear anywhere but in the top search results! We have a strong collective experience in SEO and advanced tools to make your web pages search-engine friendly, which translates into a significant rise in the traffic on your web pages.
Search Engine Marketing
Search engines crawl through billions of web pages to find and list relevant ones in order of priority. About 90% of users visit only those links that are listed on the first page. We can take your brand there through a thorough SEM initiative with the right mix of organic and paid search marketing components. We take an SEM engagement as a consulting assignment and perform thorough research on your search engine performance vis-à-vis your competitors. We also make sure that every penny that you spend on your advertising campaign earns you a handsome return.
Social Media Optimization
A relatively new concept, Social Media Optimization is pretty effective when it comes to making your posts a hit on social media. Through a comprehensive SMO campaign, we take your brand to various platforms including affiliate partners who feature your brand on hundreds and thousands of relevant web pages at the same time, enabling customers from various pockets of the world to reach out to your website!
We go the whole nine yards of reaching out to online outlets and communities to generate a buzz about your brand on the Internet, helping you best optimize the online/digital space, especially before launching a new product or service.
YouTube Advertising
Like other social media, YouTube is also propelled by individual users who can share your content on various media platforms, making it an instant hit across geographical boundaries.
We, at Fourez, can help you increase the subscriber base for your channel and garner a lot of views for your content, across genres. Our YouTube certified professionals constantly provide guidance and support to harness growth for your YouTube channel.
App Store Optimization
With over 2 million apps in PlayStore/AppStore, making your app discoverable is bit tough for the mobile app publishers today. The App Store Optimization (ASO) is a crucial process of mobile marketing which helps to rank your mobile app in the PlayStore/AppStore for the right keywords. At Fourez, we help you to optimize your app’s title, keywords, description, Screenshot and logo so that your app gets an increased visibility in the AppStore or Google PlayStore. The higher your app ranks in the search results, the chances are higher for driving potential customers to the app.
YouTube Channel Management
YouTube gives offers you a unique opportunity to let prospective buyers and existing customers, as well as, others follow your brand seamlessly by subscribing to your YouTube channel.We, at Fourez, can help you increase the subscriber base for your channel and garner a lot of views for your content, across genres. Our YouTube certified professionals constantly provide guidance and support to harness growth for your YouTube channel.Fourez helps you in creating and handling your YouTube channel, as well as, handholds you in content creation right from the storyboard stage to final video production
Growth without direction is meaningless. Find out what works for your brand and what doesn’t. We offer comprehensive Analytics service, helping you find out how your digital marketing campaigns and web pages fare at the world wide web.
Content Management
We empower your brand and digital marketing initiatives with exceptional content that speaks to your customers in a language and style they respond to. We offer custom content creation and blog writing services to embellish and promote your brand. Besides, we create, develop, deliver, manage and market contents that behold your target customers’ attention.

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