Fourez - Offering the best in Email marketing

Fourez is an extension of your in-house marketing and we assure you the best program with measurable results. Be it the sophisticated email, eCRM, cross-channel programs, programmatic email marketing or hyper-focused predictive sends, our team of experts will craft the right strategy to deliver robust and profitable customer experience. The best part about email marketing is its control over time and frequency of the marketing mails—making it one of the most profitable marketing investments. In today’s digital world, data is our secret weapon. And if managed well, email marketing provides a valuable customer which inturn can generate more business leads.

Managing the marketing strategy: The first step for any successful email marketing campaign is setting up the Email Software Provider (ESP) to build your own email database. After setting up the form, our team analysis the latest market trends to craft a customised campaign program. This will be followed by scripting the marketing automation and harnessing customer data assuring quality and innovation. And the final step would be post campaign management where our team would strictly monitor tge campaign improve efficiency, activation and return of investment. Fourez makes your email better and profitable. Our smart solutions can organise mailing lists, automate responses and track results.

If you are looking for an experienced team of email strategists, get started today with Fourez.

Branding: We create, plan and manage branding strategies for you in the most efficient way. From ideation to market launch to marketing, Fourez provides a complete integrated branding solution for startups as well as SMEs.